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Yoli Ayuso – Mother of the Year 2011

The Mother of the Year Festivities reached its climax with the announcement of the Mother of the Year 20011-2012. And the Proud Mother that was selected is the beautiful and vivacious Mrs. Yolanda “Yoli” Ayuso.

It was the Honorable Manuel Heredia who selected the ballot and the Mayor of San Pedro Town, Miss Elsa Paz who made the announcement and called Yoli on stage for the crowning and sashing.  Outgoing Mother of the Year 2010, Mrs. Leonor Trejo, was on hand to do the honors.

There was much jubilation at Saca Chispas Field as Yoli is a most popular person – a born Sanpedrana and very active in the community. She became a widow at an early age and had the difficult task of single handedly raising a family of four. And what a formidable job she did as a mother to Tula Ayuso, Zobeida Ayuso, Marivel Gomez and Adolfo Ayuso Jr and Ricky Lemus.  Today Yoli is enjoying her motherhood by helping to raise some lovely grandchildren; some of whom are already teenagers.

Our new Mother of the Year 2011 is a loving mother, a vivacious person, a cheerful friend, and a charming grandmother. San Pedro has always loved her and even more so now as our new Mother of The Year 2011. Ambergris Today, congratulates Yoli Ayuso for a title well lived and well deserved. All of San Pedro is proud of her.
Yoli Ayuso - Mother of the Year 2011Yoli Ayuso - Mother of the Year 2011

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