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SPHS Students to Head to Los Angeles

SPHS Students to perform in a theatrical production in Los Angeles

Debbie and Larry Heimgartner are dear friends of Ambergris Caye as they make annual trips to the island and most popularly known as the “paletas giving people”. They have made it a custom that on their visits to the island they give out paletas or popsicles to the children of the primary school. But they have also been involved with the high school, bringing students from the US who perform educational plays for the students to enjoy and be a part off.

On this year’s visit to the island Debbie and Larry are here to finalize all the arrangements for two superb students of San Pedro High, Emily Gomez and Ismael Kay, to travel to the US where they will participate in Larry’s latest projects, a short play entitled “Our World Pre XVI” and “Our World V”. Ismael Kay and Emily Gomez  are 3rd form students and  are top students in the Academic class; both have proudly represented the school in various competitions such as the Math Olympiad and Food and Nutrition Competition.

In speaking with Larry Heimgarnter, Theater Arts Professor of Los Angeles Harbor College, he explained to us that Ismael and Emily will be participating along with other students from around the world as the project uses performing arts to inform and educate young people on current issues affecting them. To date this project has seen cultural exchanges with students from the United States, England, Zanzibar and now Belize.

Ismael will be performing on a short play “Our World Pre-VXI”- based on Larry’s conversations with staff and students from Cornwall College, as well as his observations of teenage life around the world, to form a picture of how young people feel about their lives. It’s about what problems they are facing such as drug abuse, physical abuse among others.

Emily will be participating on a play entitled “Our World V” – this play is about environmental impacts affecting the world, such as water shortage, food shortage and shelter shortage. This play will involve students from the United States, Mexico and Belize. Larry has recently presented this play in Tanzania, Zanzibar where he worked with teachers and students from Lumumba School as well as the Minister of Education and the play was also translated into Swahili and further tour to the more remote villages on the island.

Emily and Ismael will be travelling to Los Angeles, California along with Mrs. Conchita Flota (Chaperon) from June 3 to June 11, where they will participate in a theatrical production along with many others students from around the world. They will also attend several other activities such as visits to Hollywood, Disney Land and other social gatherings.

San Pedro High is currently raffling an iPod to raise funds to assist Emily and Ismael to cover travel expenses. If interested in purchasing raffle tickets or making donations towards the students’ trip kindly contact Mrs. Conchita Flota at San Pedro High School who can be reached at 226 2045 or email Raffle Date is Wednesday, May 18.

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