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B.E.L. Upgrading Power System on the Island

You might be wondering why is it that some streets are closed and the Belize Electricity Limited working crew just keeps growing and more utility trucks keep coming to the island, well wonder no more as we contacted the BEL office to find out what was going on.

We were informed that BEL is currently working in upgrading the power system on the island. As we all have seen earlier in the year several, trees were cut down or trimmed along the roads so as to avoid any fires or problem with the electric lines. New utility posts were also placed and now the connection of electric lines on those posts is currently underway. With the upgrade of the system it is expected that power outages will be minimized.

B.E.L. Upgrading Power SystemB.E.L. Upgrading Power SystemB.E.L. Upgrading Power SystemB.E.L. Upgrading Power System

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