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Vicious Dog Attack Survivor

Whitey Feels Mighty – Even Dogs Forgive and Forget
– Press Release, May 18, 2011 – Whitey is a friendly and playful young dog, so little did he know when two big, strong muscular dogs approached him one day that they didn’t want to play.  They attacked Whitey viciously, leaving him with deep puncture wounds to his face and his throat ripped open.  When the two big dogs finished with him, they left him in the street to die.  

Luckily for Whitey, some wonderful people found him barely clinging on to life in the gutter.  They rushed him to SAGA, where the staff was shocked to see the horrific wounds and terrible trauma caused to this poor sweet dog.  Whitey’s trusting but frightened eyes made the SAGA team even more determined to save him.

Whitey was given love, healthy food, a great deal of veterinary care and a new lease on life by the fantastic SAGA staff.  SAGA pays for all of the medical care and treatment for dogs like Whitey and can’t do that without the generous help of the public.  

Whitey not only survived but now he is ‘fighting fit’.  You’d think that Whitey would want to get back at the bullies who nearly killed him but Whitey is a lover and not a fighter.  He loves other dogs and cats and his idea of a great day out is a romp on the beach.  He’s a happy and loyal dog thought to be a Labrador mix of some sort, about two years old and looking for a home where he can live happily ever after.

Come and see Whitey and his friends at SAGA Humane Society.  They say a house is not a home without a good dog and a dog with such a big heart will fill your home with joy and love.  Whitey may have forgiven his attackers, but only a loving and permanent home will help him to forget that he was abandoned to die in the most horrible way.

If you see a dog that is injured or suffering call SAGA on 226-2366 and they will be there to help.

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