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Drought, Belize Needs Rain!

The National Meteorological Service on Wednesday issued a drought report in which it said that an analysis of March, April and May indicates that the entire country has been experiencing a deficit in rainfall.

This shortage, according to the Belize Weather Bureau, is more pronounced in the east central parts of the country near the Belize River Valley area. Rainfall total reveals that this area of the country has so far received only 20% to 25% of what is normal for a typical dry season.

Another hard hit area of the country is the Corozal District where only 20% of the normal dry season rainfall has been recorded. The Weather Bureau says that the area showing the least effects of the dry weather is the south of the country.

But there is good news. The Weather Bureau says that the projections through the next ten days indicate increases in rainfall, particularly along coastal areas, towards the end of the forecast period. If this materializes, then it should bring some much needed relief to the unusually dry conditions presently being experienced.

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