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Angry Bees Shut Down RC School

Morning classes have been cancelled at San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School due to a swarm of angry bees that invaded the school grounds and threatened to sting students during class.

Students, teachers and residents nearby the school scrambled away from the swarm of bees that were somehow aggravated and decided to descend their wrath upon the students at the RC School. The bee’s nest is located within the walls of the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) building above the San Pedro Town Library which is located on the beachfront across the primary school.

Before the bees made it to the school grounds, some passersby were stung on the street. Reports are that several students were stung before the entire school was evacuated. The swarm had quickly invaded the beachfront classrooms at the school.

The students were taken to Central Park while town officials worked on clearing the bees. Afternoon classes are pending depending on the time it takes to clear the bees. Apparently the entire outside wall, facing the street, of the BTB building will be removed. Parents are asked to pick up their children at Central Park and contact the school to check if classes will resume in the afternoon.

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