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Singer Marisela Confirmed for Costa Maya

The public asked for her, and today the Costa Maya Festival can officially confirm that Mexican-American singer Marisela is confirmed to highlight International Night at the San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival, Saturday, August 6, 2011.

Marisela is widely popular in San Pedro and Belize as she is known as the “Latin Madonna” in some areas. What karaoke event in San Pedro is not complete without many requests for her popular songs like “Sin El”, “La Pareja Ideal” and “Sola con mi Soledad”.  

Marisela is one of very few singers who have managed to survive in the music business only by playing concerts in Mexican venues known as palenques. Marisela recorded her first album at the age of 15[1] in 1984 and continues to release albums into the 21st century. Her early career was helped immensely by the famous Mexican TV show of Siempre en Domingo by Raúl Velasco and then later expanding into the United States by the help of many other Spanish broadcasting shows such as Cristina, Don Francisco, Sábado Gigante, and many other televised shows famous in the 80’s and 90’s.

Marisela’s first record release was titled Sin El a production of Enrique Elizondo and songs from the now well known Marco Antonio Solís who composed all the songs of her first hit album. Thanks to the wonderful song writer/composer and singer Marco Antonio Solis, who is one of Mexico’s greatest music artists of all time, her romantic CD was an instant hit. “La Pareja Ideal” a duet between Marisela and Marco Antonio Solis is one of her most memorable songs, being promoted while the two were actually dating.


Marisela has continued recording great hit songs like, Completamente Tuya, Enamorada y Herida, Sola con mi Soledad, Ya No, El Chico Aquel, Mi Problema and many more. In 2007, Marisela released a compilation of greatest hits entitled Noches Eternas with a Mariachi sound to it.

Marisela is one of the artists that will always remain a favorite in the hearts of her audience. Now in the heart of a new generation to come that is through their ancestors listening to her songs and becoming fans of her all over again. She is now known as “La Dama de Hierro.”

Sin El

Demasiado Tarde

Quizas Mañana

Work Continues
Now that Marisela has been confirmed to highlight this year’s Costa Maya Festival, the committee is working very hard to pump up the festival’s 20th anniversary celebrations with a fantastic pageant, an excellent comedian, more international performances and there may even be a surprise coming up that will shake things up a bit. Keep posted with all things Costa Maya on Ambergris Today, Costa Maya Official Website and Costa Maya Facebook Page!

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