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Squall Damages Homes in San Mateo Area

It was minutes to midnight in San Pedro when a heavy squall brought in mostly strong winds and a sudden downpour on Friday, June 17, 2011. The storm caught those who were outside off guard and had them running for shelter as the strong winds registered at 54mph. The squall knocked down signs, lifted up light containers and ruffled trees for the most part and even caused some power surges.

Those inside their homes were awakened by the howling winds and falling objects on their verandas and yards. But it was the residents of the San Mateo Area, across the Boca del Rio Bridge, who were more afraid and vulnerable to the rapidly passing storm. Living in shacks and poorly constructed homes, residents in the area were very afraid of their safety.

“There were many people crying for help during the storm, but there was no one to help at all,” commented on San Mateo resident to Ambergris Today.” The storm had caught them by surprise as all of a sudden their homes started to shake under the fierce winds.

Another lady described how a section of the roof of her house started to lift off under the high winds and all that she could do was hug her two sons all night long under the constant banging of the zinc roof flapping.

Others account to Ambergris Today how they came running out of their homes in the middle of the storm seeking a stronger shelter. They had to battle wind, water and rain while they ran along the very narrow walk ways that run over the swamp in the San Mateo Area.

There were no major damages reported elsewhere, but there were some homes that lost part of their roof in other areas in town. The squall lasted about 30 minutes.

Squall lifts roofsSquall lifts roofsSquall lifts roofsSquall lifts roofs

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