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Coroner’s Inquest: Cpl Sanchez Killed in Self-Defense

Corporal Gavin Sanchez was killed by Sergeant Paulino Reyes in the San Pedro Police Barracks in March of 2010. It stirred controversy in October when the DPP ruled that Reyes acted in self-defense – and now, a jury at a coroner’s inquest found the same thing.

The inquest was held in the courtroom of Magistrate Roberto Ordonez. Eighteen witnesses testified including Dr. Mario Estradabran and Sanchez’s wife. Estradabran said that Sanchez was shot eight times and that the injury which caused his death was a gunshot to the head.

The jury of three women and two men needed only half an hour to conclude that Reyes was acting in self-defense when he shot Sanchez.
(News Source: 7 News Belize)
Sgt Paulino ReyesCpl Gavin Sanchez

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