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High School Apologizes for Year Book Picture

Principal of San Pedro High School, Mr. Emil Vasquez, sent out a press release this week expressing a humble apology on behalf of the high school after discovering a few pictures in their newly released yearbook for 2011 that definitely do not belong in there.

Mr. Vasquez made note that a senior class picture on Page 3 of the yearbook showed students posing with a “model beer bottle” during the school’s freshmen’s day activities. Ambergris Today discovered the same beer bottle artifact popping up on three other pictures in the yearbook.

“This was an oversight on the part of the school and we would like to clarify that San Pedro High School is in no way in support of or do we endorse any type of behavior from our students that involves drinking or their interaction with alcohol,” commented Principal Emil Vasquez in the press release.

Principal Vasquez would not comment to Ambergris Today how teachers at the school could have missed this beer artifact being passed around the school grounds and as to whether any disciplinary actions would be taken on the teacher in charge of the yearbook or students involved.

Senior Class SPHS Freshmen's day

Budweiser Beer product in question in senior class picture

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