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UNESCO World Heritage Endangered List: Most Interesting Sites

The addition of tropical rainforests in Honduras and Indonesia to UNESCO’s endangered world heritage site list is a sobering reminder that, without conservation efforts, time may be running out for the planet’s remarkable natural reserves.

As the Associated Press is reporting, the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve on Honduras’ Caribbean coast is back on the endangered list after being removed in 2007. Despite valiant conservation efforts, illegal land clearing, hunting and fishing continue to take place within the more than 5,000 square kilometer (1,900 square miles) mountainous reserve.

UNESCO’s full list of endangered sites comprises locations rich in both natural and man-made splendor around the world. From Jerusalem’s Old City to Belize’s coral reefs, each location is unique in its own regard.

So which is most worthy of UNESCO’s conservation efforts? Take a look at a selection of sites and cast your vote HERE. Belize is currently in the number one spot.

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