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Couple Loses Entire Belongings in Fire

Fire authorities are still trying to determine the cause of a blaze that completely destroyed a home just outside the DFC area, on the road along the San Pedro Marina south of San Pedro Town. The fire started at around 12:30pm on Sunday, July 3, 2011 and completely gutted a small one story wooden house in the isolated area just before the marina.

Jorge Perdomo and Vanessa Rodriguez now find themselves homeless and without any belongings as they were not at home when the fire started. By the time the San Pedro Fire Department arrived at the scene, the blaze had already consumed the entire house and it did not take long for it to destroy the building. Fire authorities were able to extinguish the blaze shortly after they arrived.

Residents who called the fire department comment that they saw the fire starting from underneath the house. The resident couple says that they had secured the house before leaving the house and that all electrical appliances were turned off.

Jorge, Vanessa and their small daughter arrived at the scene to realize that all their belongings were destroyed in the fire. Any assistance that can be rendered to the family is greatly appreciated. You can contact Jorge Perdomo at 607-8160 or Vanessa Rodriguez at 624-1027.

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