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Golf Cart Theft Increases on the Island

Our main mode of transportation on the island is by golf cart, most locals own one, and there are many rentals on the island with about 50 or more golf carts each. They are very essential to our every day island living as they take us to and fro our destinations in a faster and more convenient way. Whether we are going to work, taking the children to school or running errands, the golf cart is a blessing for all of us. Yes, we do have a problem with parking on the island but recently a big problem that we are faced with is the increase of golf cart theft.

Talk around town, internet chats and blogs is that golf carts are being easily stolen in broad daylight. While some golf cart thefts are acts of violence to make money out of stolen goods, others are acts of pure mischief, the thrill of stealing a golf cart that is not yours and just dumping it in a remote area of town. Whatever the case may be, golf carts are being stolen and abandoned in remote areas of the island or even worse being stripped off of their parts and sold.

Just this week a surveillance camera at a local and very popular business caught on video how easy it was for an individual to just casually come up to an unlocked golf cart and take it as if it was his.

It is very important for golf cart owners to properly lock their golf carts to avoid such incidents and inconveniences. Locking a golf cart only takes one or two minutes of your time and prevents you from stressing out that your golf cart is stolen, having to make a police report and looking up and down the island for your cart and hoping it hasn’t been stripped off its parts.

Ambergris Today checked with the San Pedro Police department and was informed that they have had four reports of golf cart thefts and have recovered all four carts but not the individuals who commit the crime.

So even if you are stopping for just one minute to grab a quick item at the grocery store, securing your golf carts can save you hours of headache looking for it, replacing stolen items from it and time-consuming reports at the Police Department. Here are great examples on properly secured golf carts:

One out of eight golf carts parked on front street are locked - yet all of them have locks.This is a good example of a lock for a golf cart, very sturdy and difficult to remove.This method of locking is also great for gas carts as it is difficult to lift the seat and steal gas!This is another good example of locking your golf cart to avoid the theft of your vehicle.Golft Cart Locking Example.Most golf carts operate with these generic keys which are identical.

In other news, it is great to report that according to police, crime is on the low as they have only had 30 reports in this month of which five have been burglaries and three have been solved and the perpetrators have been arrested and charged. The police department must be commended for its efforts in fighting crime on the island.

This is how easily someone steals an unlocked golf cart.

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