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VIP’s and More at Belize Film Festival

The Belize International Film Festival starts this weekend and as announced earlier, the festival will have a special screening in San Pedro with a Masquerade Ball to be held at Kama lounge on Saturday, July 16, 2011.

Adding some pizzazz to the night at the Masquerade Ball will be party entertainment organizers from Toronto, Ontario, Lady Luck Entertainment. Established in 2001 by Mona Halem, Lady Luck Entertainment has emerged as one of Toronto’s pre-eminent entertainment companies. Catering to a sophisticated, cross cultural audience of VIPs and influencers, Lady Luck Entertainment’s dedicated following transcends traditional urban barriers to attract some of the world’s most affluent people.

Lady Luck Entertainment

On their website, Lady Luck Entertainment has already announced that their next event will be the Belize International Film Festival (including San Pedro) where they will bring DJ Wikked, DJ Holiday, Nora Tones and much more entertainment.

On their Facebook Page, the festival has also announced the red carpet appearance of Faizon Love Hollywood actor and comedian in Belize City. This news brings much more excitement to the festival which promises to be lots of fun and entertaining. So be prepared to screen a great movie and get your masks ready for the after party at Kama Lounge in San Pedro.

Actor Faizon Love

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