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Cable Provider Adds Nine Digital Channels

If you thought San Pedro was very lucky for having so much movie channels that are provided by our local cable television provider Coral Cable Vision (CCV), then residents will be nine times happier to know that CCV has added new movie channels to its long list of channels that it already provides to its customers.

These nine new all digital channels provide great picture and sound quality to viewers who can now enjoy even more movie viewing. There is only one catch; you will need to own a flat screen HD television in order to access these new channels. Regular TV sets do not have the capability to acquire the digital signal.

So if you own an HD flat screen TV you already have access to nine new movie channels. Some TV sets program themselves automatically; if yours doesn’t, then you will need to manually program the channels which are as follows:

21-1 Encore Edge
21-2 Starz in Black
21-3 Encore Love
21-4 Encore Mystery
21-5 HBO 2
21-6 SHO 2
21-7 Showtime Extreme
21-8 More MAX
21-9 Fuel TV

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