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Jessica Aguilar Crowned Señorita Salvadoreña 2011

The Salvadoran Community of San Pedro has selected another queen to be its beauty ambassador as the third annual Señorita Comunidad Salvadoreña pageant/bazaar was held on Saturday, July 16 at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium.
The pageant, which is not a conventional beauty pageant, but a popularity contest in the form of a bazaar, yielded the Salvadorans their third beauty queen as supporters of the event helped each contestant raise funds for their worthy cause.
At the end of the night’s events, outgoing queen Jamila Herrera passed on the title of Señorita Comunidad Salvadoreña to Miss Jessica Aguilar (Miss Victoria House) who competed with four other contestants for the title.

Jessica Aguilar (Miss Victoria House) got 97,708 votes, followed by Cristy Medrano (Miss My Secret Deli) with 96,702 votes, Jakelin Hernandez (miss Tropic Air) 41,812 votes, Rosy Magaña (Miss Milos Center) 38,005 and Wendy Ochoa (Miss Lilys Treasure Chest) with 29,261.
The event was filled with much fun, food and lots of entertainment for the entire family. Each contestant manned her own booth where they sold typical Salvadoran food and other products and also entertained with games and prizes in order to keep up their fundraising efforts.
The pageant has now become a yearly fundraiser aimed at raising money for the Salvadoran Community living in San Pedro; and it was another successful event this year for the organizers. Congratulation to Miss Jessica Aguilar and the Salvadoran community for coming together for such a worthy cause

Jessica Aguilar - Señorita Salvadoreña 2011Cristy Medrano - Miss My Secret DeliGames for the entire family to enjoyWendy Ochoa - Miss Lilys Treasure ChestRosy Magaña - Miss Milos CenterGames for the entire family to enjoyChildren having fun with the games

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