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Man Recovering From Crocodile Attack

One lucky island resident got attacked by an American Crocodile and lived to tell the tale. A little after 2:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 20, 30-year-old, David Tut was walking near the lagoon area near Zakbajo where he heard some noise behind him and thought he was about to be robbed. Tut jumped into the mangroves fearing for his life and little did he know that he had jumped right into his attacker, a crocodile.

Tut then jumped into the water to get away from the mangroves. That’s when an alleged 12-foot crocodile sprung out and grabbed Tut by the head and pulled him under water. Fortunately, Tut managed to grab hold of the crocodile’s jaw and managed to escape from the deadly jaws of the animal and dived under the murky waters.

With blood gushing from his neck and the crocodile still lurking in the water Tut was nowhere close form being safe. Tut managed to swim away from the crocodile while kicking and pushing the animal away and got a hold of a mangrove nearby and pulled himself up. Tut suffered approximately four bite marks to the neck and one to the head. Tut was taken to the clinic of doctor Daniel Gonzalez for medical care, but due to the severity of his injuries was later flown to the Karl Heusner Memorial hospital.

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