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Tropic Air Flights to Chetumal???

Rumors in town and on the internet are that Tropic Airlines is looking to fly to Chetumal and Cancun. This is something very exciting to know as we all love going to our neighboring city, Chetumal for shopping and of course tourism arrivals from Cancun would be great for La Isla Bonita.  

Ambergris Today spoke with Mr. Anthony Hunt of Tropic Air who stated that Tropic Air will not be having any flights to Chetumal or Cancun. This will not be so at anytime and is not foreseeable in the future as there are many technicalities and other factors that do not allow for this to take place.

Mr. Hunt did share the good news that Tropic Air will be adding two new Cessna Caravans to the fleet of airplanes they have. These two new Caravans are scheduled to arrive in San Pedro in November of this year and are fully equipped with state of the art equipment and radar. With the addition of these two planes Tropic Air will have a total of nine comfortable and durable airplanes.

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