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Upscale PUP Endorsement Convention

“Putting People First” was the theme of the PUP Endorsement Convention held this past Saturday night at a jam packed Central Park in San Pedro Town.  The PUP presented its Blue Team of seven candidates to contest the upcoming town council elections slated for March 7, 2011, only seven months away.
It was an upscale convention and different from many other conventions that you may have witnessed. Each candidate was nominated and seconded by two members of the party.  After having accepted, they were joined on stage by their nominees and immediate family members where they swore the oath of allegiance of the People’s United Party. Nominations were as follows:
Conchita Flota (Mayoral) – Martha Guerrero and Ovidio Guerrero
David Aguilar – Nicholas Varela and Jesus Wiltshire
Mundo Nuñez – Alberto Nuñez and Ricardo Molina
Vianie Perez – Alex Eiley and Zobi Ayuso
Wally Nuñez – Pete Ayuso and Pedro Lara
Maribel Vasquez – Jason Nuñez and Lily Nuñez
Marina Kay – Andre Perez and Ana Najaro Cal

The PUP supporters and friends, as well as invited guests, heard and applauded endorsement speeches from Chairman of the PUP Belize Rural South Milo Paz, Deputy Party Leader Luke Espat, PUP Carolyn Sandiford Trench, Standard bearer for Corozal Bay, Gregorio “Papas” Garcia, and from the Leader of the People’s United Party, Hon. Johnny Briceno. There was booming applause and cheering as all seven candidates gave their first campaign speeches, introduced themselves and briefly exposed their campaign platform. Mayoral Candidate Mrs. Conchita Flota Valdez was very upbeat and poised as she presented her plan of action and work called Plan San Pedro 2012- 2015.  

The upscale convention also saw the unique presence of three masters of ceremonies who entertained, informed, and kept the flow of agenda in upbeat fashion. They were Lily Nuñez, Janine Haylock, and Rene Guzman.  Entertainment was offered by the San Pedro Dance Company and the Vibrations Band of Belize City who were all simply sensational.  Ambergris Today interviewed a few members of the PUP committee who had this to say:  “This convention did not offer any free T-shirts, no giveaways, no cheap beer and yet it drew a very large crowd.  This is a positive and optimistic sign for us.”

PUP Endorsement ConventionParty Leaders, Officials and the San Pedro Blue TeamMrs. Conchita Flota (Mayoral Candidate) swearing the oath of alligiance of the People's United Party.Marina Kay reading her oath of alligiance.Vianie Perez reading her oath of alligianceMaribel Vasquez giving her oath of alligianceDavid Aguilar giving his oath of alligiance to the People's United PartyWally Nuñez Jr. giving his oath of alligiance to the People's United PartyMundo Nuñez giving his oath of alligianceThe People's United Party Blue TeamThe People's United Party Blue Team

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