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SP Police Officer investigated for Free Zone Robbery

Three persons are detained for an explosive case of armed robbery that occurred at the Corozal Free Zone on the evening of the tenth of September. A Belize City resident along with two police officers is being investigated for this crime.

According to reports at 5:15 pm, a dark skinned man walked into North America International Limited Store and held up the cashier. Jin Mei Huang was counting the day’s sales when a dark male person pointed a gun at her and reportedly robbed her of $70,000 and made good his escape on a waiting Geo Tracker.

According to the Free Zone CEO, Raul Rosado, the store owner called security and they locked down all exits from the zone and the intercepted the vehicle. Police say they have impounded the getaway Geo Tracker, and have detained constable Elston Rojas – who is attached to the Corozal station and Rudolph Azueta who is attached to the San Pedro station. They have also detained another male person of Belize City – and are trying to link him to another police officer who is known to have ties to a city gang that the current suspect associated with. That police officer was initially detained and has since released. Reports are that a 45 pistol was used in the commission of the robbery – that is a high powered handgun which is prohibited in Belize.

UPDATE: Cops Charged for Free Zone Robbery
Two police officers attached to the Corozal Police have been charged for abetment to commit robbery. Police believe the pair of lawmen facilitated Emmerson Skyers who pulled off an armed robbery of North America International Limited store in the Corozal free zone on Saturday. Emmerson Skyers was charged for ROBBERY and while Constables Elston Rojas and Rudolph Azueta were charged jointly for the crime of ABETMENT TO COMMIT ROBBERY.

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