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ADO Buses New Timetable in Belize

The proprietors of the Mexican bus service ADO have announced that the Minister of Transport has approved a change in schedules on the Belize City to Merida and Cancun route. According to the ADO press release, the new change in schedule is for the benefit and security of their passengers. ADO busses will start departing Belize City at 7:30p.m. as opposed to the previous announced time of 8p.m. The new schedule is as follows:

Belize City (7:30 pm) – Orange Walk (9:00 pm) – Corozal (10:00pm) Tulum (4:00am)– Playa del Carmen (5:00am)- Cancun Airport (6:30am) – Cancun Bus Terminal (7:00 am)

And the Hospital Route (Merida), like this:

Belize City (7:00pm) – Orange Walk (8:30pm) – Corozal (9:30pm) – Merida (6:00am)

ADO says that the change in schedule will “bring benefit to all the Belizeans, because you will be able to catch your flights on time, or be on time to your doctor’s appointment.”

The new scheduled went into effect on Sunday, September 25.

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