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San Pedro's Tribute to George Price

George Price, Father of the Nation, was honored by San Pedro in a warm and beautiful ceremony held at the Angel Nunez Auditorium on Thursday, September 29, 2011.  This date also coincides with the 61st Anniversary of the founding of the People’s United Party by this young politician George Price.

A resounding applause followed the delivery of the Welcome Address by Mayor Elsa Paz, who expressed all her admiration, respect, for this humble, visionary and committed leader that George Price was for his entire career.  Even more thunderous was the applause for Mayor Paz who expressed her admiration for Price even from her youthful age when her father, Mr. Daddy Paz was a strong PUP supporter. Of interest, Mr. Milo Paz, PUP chairman for San Pedro and Belize Rural South commented to this newspaper that indeed, The Mayor’s Grandfather, Mr. Thomas Paz Sr. was the first PUP representative to Mr. George Price in San Pedro.

Many distinguished personalities including Celi McCorkle, tourism pioneer, and Mr. Alberto Nunez, former mayor; paid tribute to George Price, citing him as a man of humility, vision, compassion and love for his people.  Others who paid short tributes were doña Narcisa Saldana, Conchita Flota, Graciano Mai, Jamica Jones, Santiago Sosa and Elina Palma.

San Pedro High School band entertained and along with the Class of 3 C and homeroom teacher Alex Nunez did a reenactment of the night of Independence when the British flag was lowered and the Belize flag was raised for the first time in 1981.  Gwendolyn Zuniga did a marvelous rendition with singing and dance of a carnival song. Jamica Jones recited a lovely poem to honor George Price and the Alleluia Girls sang their hearts away to honor the Father of our nation and Founder of the PUP.

Guest speaker Mr. Angel Nunez MBE/Sr. J.P, invited to pay tribute to the National Hero took as his topic: “We can truly thank George Price”.

*Everyone who can vote can thank George Price as he introduced Adult Suffrage or the right to vote back in 1955.

*Everyone who has a passport can Thank George Price as he is the man who gave us nationhood.  He allowed us to get rid of our British Honduras passports and get our Belize passports.

*Everyone who attends the San Pedro R.C. School can thank Mr. Price since when it was destroyed by Hurricane Hattie in 1961, he had another one built by 1963.

*Everyone who owns a piece of land in San Pedro town core can thank George Price as he acquired all of the village from its owners and gave lots to all the villagers to be the rightful owners.

*Everyone who owns land in San Juan and Boca del Rio Area should be thankful to George Price as he acquired that entire area for the people of San Pedro.

*Everyone who owns a piece of land all the way on North Ambergris can also thank George Price as he acquired all of that land from Pinkerton and reserved it for future generations in San Pedro so that even in the years to come more people will be receiving land from George Price.

*Everyone who has attended San Pedro High School and will attend in the future owes to George Price as he gave the school the land to build their institution.

*And everyone in the tourism business and fishing business can also be thankful to George Price as he set the foundation for those industries and placed them in the hands of Sanpedranos.

*Everyone who today enjoys good electricity, telephone, and potable water also owe it to George Price who commenced these services for our San Pedro.

Guest Speaker Mr. Angel Nunez thanked George Price fully optimistic that George Price’s legacy can be continued when our future leaders commit themselves to his standards and though we might not fully reach his level, at least we will come close and make him proud. He thanked God for giving us this humble man, this Father of our nation, Our National Hero and gentle giant.

San Pedro High School Marching BandGuest Speaker - Mr. Angel NuñezDistinguished Guest - Celi McCorkle paid tribute to Hon. George PriceMany attended the Tribute to George PRice at the Angel Nuñez AuditoriumMayor Elsa Paz delivered the welcome address and also paid a tribute to the late George Price.Milo Paz - Chairman of the San Pedro PUP, gave the welcome to the 61st Anniversary Doña Narcisa Saldana remembers George PriceVice Principal of San Pedro High, Conchita Flota, recites famous quotes of Mr. PriceSan Pedr High School students reenact the first Independence Day celebrationsReenactment of First Independence DayGwendolyn Zuniga pays tribute to Mr. George Price with her excellent carnival renditionMr. Alberto Nuñez, past Mayor of SP, recounts his experiences with Mr. George PriceJamica Jones recites poem for Mr. George PriceChurch Choir ladies, now tagged the Alleluia Girls sing national hymnElina Palma sings song for Mr. George PriceChurch Service for Hon. George Price was celebrated on Monday, September 26.

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