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Telemedia Complies with Mandatory Number Registration

The Government of Belize has passed a law which mandates that all Telecom providers in Belize must comply with the law governing mandatory number registration. The Telecommunications Act Edition 2002 Section 44 (5) requires that all cell phone numbers, whether Pre-paid or Post-paid are tied to a person, thus, establishing ownership of said number.

Following the press release issued last week by the Ministry of Police and Public Safety dated September 27, Telemedia as a responsible and law abiding corporate citizen will comply with this law and will ensure that all encompassing parameters are fulfilled. Effective October 11th, the Company will require that all existing and new cell phone numbers are registered through the new Number Registration process.

Customers are asked to visit any of our Customer Service Centers countrywide to register their cell phone number. Registering your number is simple! Present your SIM card for verification of the number and a valid identification card which includes a Social Security Card, Driver’s License or Passport. Our trained Customer Service Representatives will take care of documenting the relevant details.

Customers are advised that registering your number will provide the following benefits:

*If your phone is lost or stolen, you can call 119 and report your loss. Once this is done, our Customer Service Representative will proceed to cease service on your number.

*Once this process is complete, you can visit the nearest Customer Service Center on the following business day and have your number reprogrammed unto a new SIM. It’s that easy!

*Once the SIM number is made inactive, your credit will also be protected. The credit value on your SIM at the time of reporting your loss will be returned when your number is reprogrammed.

*It is Important to report any loss of number immediately.

Customers are advised that non-compliance to registering your number within the six months registration period stipulated by the Government of Belize will result in the deactivation of service. Telemedia Customers are encouraged to visit the nearest Customer Service Center and register your number during the given six month window to ensure uninterrupted service.

Please contact Customer Service at 0-800-CALL-BTL for further information and assistance. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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