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Starved of Love and Starved to Death

Press Release – 5th October 2011 –  The domestic dog has been created, with careful breeding, for thousands of years to be a loyal companion, a hard worker, a protector for our homes and a friend for our children.   The domestic dog is completely dependent upon humans for its basic needs such as food, water and care.  It is a relationship that has lasted for such a long time, that the dog is commonly known as ‘man’s best friend’.  So, what sort of a friend ties you up, deprives you of water in the hot sun, deprives you of food even though you are starving and deprives you of care even though you are sick?

Fawn and Thumper were brought into SAGA by children.  This often happens when adults are ashamed of the condition of the animals.  Usually the SAGA team can clean up the animals, give some good advice and make sure that the pets go back to owners with a better understanding of their care.  In this case, the dogs were in such an awful state of neglect, sickness and starvation that SAGA immediately seized the dogs.

Both dogs were severely malnourished, which means that they had not been fed enough – or even anything at all – for some time.  They were extremely dehydrated, which means that no one had bothered to give them access to clean, fresh water.  They had tick fever, which is easily preventable if the dog is taken to the vet when it starts to show signs of illness.  

There is no good reason for Fawn and Thumper to have been allowed to get into the condition they were in.  Not only that, but think about those poor children.  What did they learn about responsibility by watching their family systematically neglect and starve two innocent animals that were completely dependent on them?   What did the children learn about compassion?

Sadly, Fawn and Thumper were neglected and starved to death.  They were so badly damaged that there was no hope for them and the SAGA team, who love animals dearly, were left with the terrible task of having to put these poor, sad dogs out of their misery and help them to a place where they can’t be abused anymore.

Dog ownership is a responsibility.  If dogs are cared for, they can enrich our lives.  Studies show that dog owners are generally happier and healthier people.  But if we neglect that responsibility and let down our side of the relationship, not only do we cause great suffering to the animals but we affect our community and those who have had to witness the abuse and those who have had to deal with the outcome.  Please never forget that all dogs need nutritional food daily, free access to fresh water at all times and veterinary care when they are sick.  If you can’t provide this, you aren’t ready for a dog.

If you know an animal that is being abused or neglected or if you have a pet that you know you can’t care for, please call SAGA on 226 3266.  They will do everything they can to help.

Fawn being examined by the Vet at Saga

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