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Belize’s Next Adventure-Seeking Road Warrior

As we all say goodbye to Lebawit Lily Girma and her fantastic images of Belize that we have been enjoying over her three-month stay around our entire country, we now say hello to Belize’s third Road Warrior – Norbert Figueroa of Globo Treks.

GloboTreks is a budget travel site for backpackers and independent travelers who are looking to explore the world and get the most of it – be it an experience to grow, to explore, or just to have a good time. It features tips, reviews, how-to’s, and more useful information that can ease the process of travel planning and make traveling a more enjoyable experience.

And Norbert Figueroa is the man behind Globo Treks who is spending three months in Belize and documenting his experiences as Belize’s third Road Warrior on his website/blog and Facebook page. On Norbert states that he was professionally trained as an architect and naturally educated as a traveler; he is infatuated with getting to know the world and experience different cultures firsthand.

Globo Treks’ mission is simple: to make traveling more accessible, comfortable, and rewarding. And to get you ready to trek your way around the world and experience everything this world has to offer. So we are sure that Norbert will do an excellent job, following in the footsteps of Megan Wood and Lily Girma. Follow Norbert’s adventures in Belize at the following links:
Twitter: @globotreks

Norbert Figueroa in BelizeNorbert Figueroa horseback riding at Maruba Spa ResortNorbert Figueroa with villagers of San Jose, Toledo, BelizeNorbert Figueroa at Lamanai Maya Ruins, BelizeNorbert Figueroa at Lamanai Maya Ruins, BelizeNorbert Figueroa at Lamanai Maya Ruins, Belize

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Lily’s Top 20 Highlights of her Trip to Belize
As Belize Road Warrior Lily says “Goodbye” to Belize, here is her latest update on her blog posted on Saturday, October 8, 2011:
Lebawit Lily Girma in Belize

“Today is my last “official” day as the second Road Warrior for the Belize Tourism Board and MatadorU. This past week, winding down in Placencia, I’ve had time to reflect on my time in Belize and I’m amazed at all that I’ve accomplished and lived through in 90 days!

To say it was one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had is an understatement. First and foremost, I had the opportunity to do what I love day in and day out, for a living – travel writing and photography. I still remember my friend Mary’s reaction when I initially told her about my new gig, back in June: “Get out! That’s the kind of job we used to joke about having!” She was right. When we were travel buddies and hopped to Spain, Portugal and Italy, we’d joke about getting paid for what we loved doing the most: traveling abroad and discovering the local culture, food, activities, nightlife and shopping, and bringing back some fun stories and fabulous advice for fellow travelers.

Well, it became a reality. For three months, I got to document and satisfy my thirst for culture, music, stories and adventure in one of the most fascinating countries I’ve visited so far. And I now have an even greater appreciation for the crafts of travel writing and travel photography and for those are constantly on the road.

Beyond that, I pushed myself physically and mentally to levels I never thought possible – throwing myself into activities I’d never tried or been afraid to before – from rappelling 300 feet>> into a rainforest to hiking almost every other day for weeks, diving and becoming PADI certified, horseriding, keeping my cool during encounters with nocturnal creatures, spelunking and cave tubing in the longest of caves, photographing the month-long 30th Independence events, learning to balance work and knowing when to take a break, and handling long-term solo female travel- ooh, the adventures and stories are endless!

Belize has almost made me… fearless.” (Click here to read Lily’s Entire Post)

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