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Travel With Spirit Television Filming In Belize

Jimmy LaRose & Bishop Redfern II of the Treaty Charitable Trust and Honnie Korngold of Travel With Spirit Television will be on filming on location “TRAVEL WITH SPIRIT…BELIZE” the week of Oct 17-23, 2011.

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE, 17 OCTOBER 2011 – Andrew Reid, Jimmy LaRose and Redfern II of the Treaty Charitable Trust (TCT) in conjunction with Princess Petroleum will host Honnie Korngold
and Travel With Spirit Television this week highlighting the countless offerings the country of Belize offers travelers to Central America. This production is made possible through funding provided by the newly formed BELIZEAN NATIONAL LEADERSHIP FUND.

“TRAVEL WITH SPIRIT…BELIZE” will be a Family-Friendly production reaching the largest viewing demographic in the world appealing to travelers seeking an experience in Central America that is safe and wholesome for the entire family.

“TRAVEL WITH SPIRIT…BELIZE” will air on the following networks in January 2012 including SkyAngel, R&R TV, American Family, Legacy Network, and Catholic TV (180 US Station affiliates
for a total combined network audience of 30 million viewers). Travel With Spirit Television has aired seven times a week for the past two years on the aforementioned networks.

“TRAVEL WITH SPIRIT…BELIZE” will also be featured on “Travel With Spirit’s” travel division website which has millions of visitors annually. In addition, “Travel with Spirit” magazine will feature Belize in the Winter Issue. Each issue reaches 50,000 subscribers (print and electronic).

“TRAVEL WITH SPIRIT…BELIZE” will also be marketed to China, Europe, Middle East, Canada and the U.S. via press release and digital magazine to 1200 media outlets.

One of the most important moments to be filmed for this episode will include Treaty Energy Corporation and the Treaty Charitable Trust’s gift of a Flatbed Truck to the leaders of the Village of Independence in the Stann Creek District. Belizean Media will be invited to participate during this presentation.

Other episode highlights will include:
Culinary Arts – Ten Cultures…Diverse Dining Experiences Watersports – Region is already the #1 destination in the world for watersports Adventure – Encourages families to stretch their mind and body in exotic environments Romance – Couples in love are crucial to ensuring that “families remain friendly”

Ms. Korngold, Jimmy LaRose & Bishop Redfern II look forward to entertaining the press and its question regarding this important initiative on behalf of the people of Belize.
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Sponsored by Treaty Energy Corporation co-sponsored by Princess Petroleum

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