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Western Regional Hospital Welcomes Set of Triplets

– Belmopan, October 19, 2011 – The staff at Western Health Regional Hospital in Belmopan is pleased to announce the successful delivery of a set of triplet girls that took place this morning at approximately 9:51 a.m. to Ms. Irene Garcia and her common law husband Alfred Avilez.

Dr. Melhem Ayala headed the team of doctors and nurse that carefully coordinated the delivery by caesarean section after 37 week of gestation. He mentioned that the experience of delivering triplets was very successful in the operating theatre with no major difficulties. The babies are considered full term and they are all in good health.

The Matron at the hospital mentioned that factors that contributed to the successful delivery were that the mother had attended a prenatal clinic, paid special attention to her diet and got plenty of rest. The girls weighed in at 4 ½ lbs, 4 ¼ lbs and 4lbs respectively.

The Ministry of Health and the staff at Western Regional provided a generous contribution of baby items to the proud parents this afternoon.

This is the third pregnancy for Ms. Garcia. She has two other children. The parents welcome any assistance and have asked that anyone who would like to contact them can call 660-6866.

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