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Video Pick: San Pedro Sailing Club

After being witness to the excellent sailing skills of the children that make part of the San Pedro Sailing Club, I must commend on the excellent work that the members of the Sailing Club are doing. The children are so dedicated and are having a great time sailing these Optimist Dinghys on their own.

The San Pedro Sailing Club still needs help from the public; there are in much need of more sailboats as there are more children than water vessels to go around. The club’s goal is to have a large fleet of Optimists so that they can give more children the opportunity to learn to sail and provide a great form of entertainment for the island’s children. Your support is greatly needed and much appreciated. Below is the latest contribution to the San Pedro Sailing Club.


Another Optimist Dinghy to Join San Pedro’s Fleet

Pierce Family donates to San Pedro Sailing Club

James and Jayne Pearce, the outgoing young English couple who lived on the island last year, have sponsored an Optimist, bringing the Club’s fleet up to 5 boats, now. It will be called Palo Alto, after their current home town in California. Palo Alto arrived on the Island in time to race in the Nationals that took place on November 13.

For more information on the San Pedro Sailing Club or interest in being  a sponsor for an Optimist Dinghy please contact:

Forrest Jones at
Or Visit Caribbean Villas beachside during the weekends to catch the children sailing

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