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George Price – A Life Revealed – The Authorized Biography

Once described as the ‘prime minister who wanted to be a priest’, George Price was one of the most enigmatic and secretive leaders of the modern Caribbean and Central American sub-region. Little is known of his personal life and his long political career was often mired in controversy.

Now, his autobiography George Price: A Life Revealed, written by a former political acolyte, Godfrey Smith, promises to shed light on Price’s unusual personality, unearth previously unknown facts and provide fresh interpretations of some of his more controversial political actions.

The George Price “Fact File” includes the familiar and not so familiar:
*Belize’s First National Hero
*Never lost and election of any kind between 1974 to 1983
*Led Belize to Independence which earned him the title of “Father of the Nation”
*Never married of fathered children or ever had any kind of romantic relationship and died celibate
*Lived and died in the same house in which he was born
*Never owned a record player, a TV set of a kitchen cabinet and left little of material value behind.

As one whose political career spanned both the colonial and post independence eras, the information, experiences and insights Price has freely given to this biographer make this work an important contribution to the study of the political personality, the development of political parties and party politics in the Caribbean at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The 6”x9” book with 358 pages includes over 60 photographs.

About the Author: Godfrey Smith is a former Member of the Belize Parliament and has served as a cabinet minister. He currently practices as an Attorney-at-Law.

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George Price - A Life Revealed - The Authorized BiographyGeorge Price - A Life Revealed - The Authorized Biography

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