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Lions Club Donates School Books

On Tuesday, December 13, 2011, members of the San Pedro Lion’s Club gathered at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School to give out school books to standard one through six students for their HFLE (Health and Family Life Education) classes. This great donation was the last piece missing for their life skills classes to move forward in helping these students grow.

The donations were possible through the San Pedro Lions Club and representatives of the Quality Assurance Development Services Unit of the Ministry of Education as part of the Lions Quest Program.

The San Pedro Lion’s Club has worked hard in fundraising and sponsoring these books for the schools. The teachers at the SPRCS stated that the HFLE Classes are a huge improvement and addition to their learning system. It is helping and preparing all students in growing and gaining self confidence; this will help them lead more successful lives. The books donated include Skills for Growing (STD 1-3), Skills for Adolescence (STD 4-6) and Skills for Action (San Pedro High School).

Lions Club members and Lion President Marina Kay stated that it is always a pleasure working hard and helping the community. “It is more special when we work with children and education, simply because education is important and our children are the future,” stated Marina Kay. “They will be running the world and spreading these amazing life skills to other generations to come.”

Kudos to the San Pedro Lion’s Club for another successful mission completed.

Lions Club Donates School BooksLions Club Donates School BooksLions Club Donates School BooksLions Club Donates School BooksLions Club Donates School Books

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