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New Belikin Sorrel Stout is a Hit in Belize

Sorrel Stout is the latest creation of the very own Belizean brewmaster Nolan Michael. It is an authentic Belizean original – The Belize Brewing Co. Ltd. very first seasonal stout using the traditional Belikin Stout. It hit the market at the beginning of the month, but guess what? The stock of Sorrel Stout was completely depleted in only 10 days.

If you have not sampled the new Sorrel Stout and had been meaning to, then you will have to wait a bit as the brew master is back at distilling a new stock. The Sorrel Stout is only intended to be out during the Holiday Season and the first batch was suppose to satisfy the thirst of stout lovers. But the Sorrel Stout has piqued the interest of other regular beer drinkers which has unexpectedly caused the depletion of the first batch really early.

So the Sorrel Stout is in short supply and extinguished in some establishments around the country. Some stout drinkers and new found lovers of the Sorrel will just have to wait a bit longer until a new batch is rolled.

“We didn’t anticipate such a high demand and I must say that we are happy for that.” Commented David Vasquez, Sales & Marketing Mgr., Belize Brewing Co. to Belize City media. “We are currently in the process of doing a follow up brew which will provide the market with another 3,000 to 3,500 cases. It was a limited product from the day of planning and the success of this product this year was the gauge for what we will do in subsequent years.”

The Sorrel Stout uses the regular Belikin Stout as its base, which includes roasted, extra special and caramel malts. That is then masterfully blended with the traditional Sorrel to create this wonderfully rich full body stout that has a sweet yet subtle sorrel flavor.

Because the sorrel extract is sugar based the alcohol content is enhanced with additional fermenting to a potent 7% abv. Although technically it is a bit stronger, the sweet yet subtle tastes leaves little or no indication of its potency. Each case sells wholesale for $54.95 and our MSRP is $3.50 at a retail outlet near you. Look out for the distinctive red sorrel stout crown which differentiates the product from our regular Belikin and Belikin Stout.

Check your favorite hangout to see if they still have the new Sorrel Stout available!

Belikin's Christmas Special Sorrel Stout

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