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Family of Businesses Provides Scholarship Program to Employees

– Press Release – In their continued effort to make a difference in the community and to improve the lives of their employees across the family of businesses, The Phoenix Resort, Blue Water Grill, Wine de Vine, Caliente, and Red Ginger launched a program to provide a full scholarship to San Pedro High School for a child of each employee.  

“I am proud that our businesses, through the support of our great customers, are able to make this commitment to the high school education of children in San Pedro,” said Kelly McDermott Kanabar.  

“In the current school year, we will be providing 13 kids with full scholarships to San Pedro High School. Our staff currently has 79 children in Primary School and we want them all to graduate from High School one day, so we fully expect our commitment to this program to grow in the coming years. Mukul and I are excited to have this opportunity to help make Belize a better place.”  

Annual tuition at San Pedro RC Primary School is $80.  However, tuition for San Pedro High School starts at $800 per year and can go as high as $1,600, not including uniforms and other costs.

“The cost of High School can easily approach $2,000 per year,” Mukul Kanabar said.  “As a result, many students drop out of school because their families cannot afford it.  In fact, there are nearly 900 students at San Pedro RC Primary School, which is only one of several primary level schools in San Pedro, while there are less than 500 students at San Pedro High School, the only high school in San Pedro.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the scholarship program:

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