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The Amazing Coconut Leo!

New York has the Naked Cowboy, Mexico has Simi but Ambergris Caye has Coconut Leo! He is just one of those Island personalities that make San Pedro unique; and he is very much an entertainer who keeps the tourists taking pictures and uploading videos of his amazing acrobatic feats online.

We all love coconut, right? Its fleshy meat, sweet water and its healthy properties. Even though coconuts are delicious and good for you, they can be quite dangerous should one fall on your head.

So whether you want to prevent coconuts from falling on your head or savor the juice, there is just one minor problem: climbing the tree to get your hands on one of them, it takes a lot of skill. This is where a professional tree climber, who goes by the name Leo Martinez “Coconut Leo”, comes in handy. He is also known as the local tree doctor.

“Coconut Leo” doesn’t only climb the trees but he gives a spectacular show while doing it, providing he has an audience. He does astonishing tricks while climbing the tree. Then he brings down the juicy coconuts and cuts them for his clientele to enjoy. He even cracks them open with his head. Yes! His Head! We have seen him do it.

Leo is quite the character – friendly, loud, funny, and very entertaining. His office is the beach where you can find him performing or selling coconuts on the streets that he hauls with a wheelbarrow.

Thumbs up to Coconut Leo who possesses a talent (or skill) you don’t see in many places, but you’ll find him here on the island. So next time you are out on the beach be on the lookout for Coconut Leo.

He even has a Facebook Fan Page. Can you believe it! LOL!

Coconot Leo takes a drink of fresh coconut waterCoconot Leo takes a drink of fresh coconut waterCoconut Leo hard at workCoconut Leo has mastered the art of tree climbingCoconut Leo does his acrobatics to show off his skillsCoconut Leo picks the coconuts by hand, no machete neededCoconut Leo is an Island celebrity and attractionTourists and school children watch Coconut Leo in actionTourists enjoy fresh coconut water and meat provided by Coconut LeoCoconut Leo always attracts a crowd

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