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Traveler Completes Red Carpet Walk Around the World, Belize Included

Remember Marije, aka Cat? Well, she visited San Pedro, Belize back in August of 2010, as part of her travels around the world. Her mission was to take a red carpet along with her and in each country that she visited she would record a video as part of her “Cat Walk” around the world challenge.

Her mission was to visit at least 20 countries with the mission to make people aware of the enormous strength of body language to themselves and others and to inspire all human beings to follow their heart and use all the opportunities in the world to make dreams come true!

Well her mission is complete! After visiting San Pedro, Belize, which was her eighth country visited, she journeyed to 17 other countries filming herself walking on a red carpet.

“Two years ago I started my journey by telling everyone that I would do the catwalk in 20 countries. Now I can say: I did it!” commented Marije on her website and Facebook wall.

In San Pedro, Marjie performed a couple of red carpet walks. One on the Barry Bowen pier where she and friends walked off it and into the water and one in downtown San Pedro which she included on the final video which features all the walks she did around the world. (Read up on her visit to Belize as Ambergris Today covered it.)

Her mission was also a charitable one; as part of Marije’s Cat Walks Around the World she took on challenges by anyone who wanted to give here one. Half of the money she raises goes towards her travels and the other half goes towards cleft lip surgeries for kids in Guatemala. So now Marije’s quest is complete and she has this final video to share with the world. Check it out; it’s pretty cool!

“Hereby I present you my mission coming true: me, a red carpet and 20 different countries. Thanks to those who helped me do this!” commented Marije.

Marije meets Gerry Badillo in San PedroMarije takes a plunge in San PedroFriends join Marije in the Cat Walk

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