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Mayor Paz Highlights Accomplishments with Street Plaques

Have you noticed a few workers around town plastering cement blocks in the corner of streets and have asked yourself what is going on? Well don’t question yourselves anymore, the answer is this: Mayor Elsa Paz is highlighting her accomplishments with street plaques.

In an interview with Mayor Elsa Paz earlier in January, she informed Ambergris Today that she would be highlighting all of her accomplishments (paved streets, bridge, etc) by placing plaques all over town. The box of printed tiles had just reached her office and she showed them first hand to AT.

“As my Mayoral term comes to an end I have decided to place these plaques all over town,” stated Mayor Paz. “They will state what was done and under who’s administration so that everybody remembers what Elsa Paz did for San Pedro Town.”

So from now on when you stroll down the streets of San Pedro you will find a street plaque highlighting Mayor Elsa Paz’s accomplishments.

Special Tiles made to highlight Mayor Paz's accomplishmentsPlaque placed on San Juan Statue to highlight paving of Pescador DrivePlaque placed on San Juan Statue to highlight paving of Pescador Drive

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