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Video Pick: Gerry Debuts Music Video

Gerry Badillo ft. Lucio Nunez -Ya No Quiero Verte Mas (Official Video) – Ambergris Today’s got talent! Well we always knew that we had the stuff to produce a great media house and keep you informed of what is going on in Belize, but did u know we can sing? Actually it’s our very own Gerry Badillo who can belt out the good notes.

A while back Gerry posted the release of his first single, ‘Ya No Quiero Verte Mas’ which debuted his interest and talent in music. But now Gerry shows us his skills in directing, producing and packaging his song into a music video.

Gerry once again impresses us with his talent and brings us this amazing video filmed at the beautiful The Hotel. Check it out; Gerry Badillo sure makes Ambergris Today very proud.

Belizean Artist Gerry Badillo in his first music video featuring the talented Lucio Nunez, vocalist of the rock band “Beneath The Lies”. The song is a Spanish version of Joe Jonas’s smash hit “See No More”. The Song was recorded/produced by another talented Belizean Artist, Derrick Banos from Absolute Rip’d Records. Check out Gerry’s Blog post to read up more on the recording process of his song.

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