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Library Receives Donation of 10 Laptops

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. George Parker and daughter Sundee, the San Pedro Town Public Library received an early Easter basket with 10 laptops, a Router and 8 CD ROMs this week.

“I have always been an avid reader and I appreciate the dedication your staff and volunteers offer to the local community,” commented George Parker, who donated the laptops. “I am sure it has ignited a love for reading and learning within Ambergris Caye and San Pedro Town residents.
“We talked at that time about how we could further your quest for the betterment of the library and the resources it offers the people of Ambergris Caye,” continued Mr. Parker. “It was exciting to talk about the possibility of having computers on site and offering classes for children as well as adults. The ability to access the internet through computers is now the way of the world. We feel it is important for people to have contact with this technology and to learn how to use it. Therefore, in support of the San Pedro Town Public Library, I would like to donate 10 laptop computers and a router.”

The management of the San Pedro Library has commented that they are overwhelmed and excited, but most of all, greatly appreciate the generous donation. At the moment the Library is seeking for a volunteer or organization to offer computer classes to children and adults. Any person interested please contact Mrs. Iracela Acosta at the San Pedro Library, or call 501-206-2028.   

San Pedro Library Donation

George Parker and Daughter Sundee donate laptops to San Pedro Library

San Pedro Library Donation

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