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Marco Gonzalez Project Receives Funds

The Non-Profit Organization Marco Gonzalez Maya Site Ambergris Caye Ltd. (MGMSACL) is proud to have received grant monies of $7,000 U.S. from the Frederick S. Upton Foundation.  Mr. Matt Fowler, formerly of Mr. Joe’s Grocery, is a member of the Board of Directors for both the MGMSACL and the Upton Foundation and his love for the island has remained steadfast as he works to provide funding for the Maya Site Project. This time, the grant money was also earmarked to help two other local organizations.

On Monday, March 12, 2012, funds were distributed to South AC Neighborhood Watch for membership and continued security they have been providing for the past two years and money went to much needed grounds maintenance in the form of volunteer help from SAGA.  (SAGA housed the Fowlers pets when they moved back to the US.)

Updates on the Maya Site Project:

Project Boardwalk
Other updates for the Maya Site Project include receiving funds from an Upton Foundation Challenge Grant. Those funds are in a special account for Project Boardwalk, along with the matching funds from Institute of Archaeology and NICH.  That account also includes sales from the 2012 Calendar which is a wonderful souvenir at a price of $10BZ. Another ongoing fundraiser is the zipper beverage kuzie donated by Quicksilver’s Dr. Dianne Lawrence. Selling for $15, MGMSACL receives $5.00 from each sale. Visitors to the site also have a selection of items from T-shirts, Belizean herbal soap, water and bug repellent.  

Marco Gonzalez Included in the BTB/NICH Belize Maya 2012 activities
“We are happy to announce, also, that Marco Gonzalez site has been included on the international schedule for the BTB/NICH Belize Maya 2012 activities,” stated Jan Brown, Chairman of the Board of the Marco Project. “Our 2012 event will be June 20-23 as a four-day exhibit at Belize Yacht Club with Friday, June 22nd, the day for live exhibits at the Maya site. It will feature life as we presume by the Maya living in this village. Mark your calendar to share this experience with us.”

Security Enforcement at Marco Gonzalez

As a National Park, an employee is now in place to collect the park fee for entry to the site.   Those fees not only pay for the employee, but allow for security and other improvements at the site entrance such as the newly completed restroom facility. “We are looking into having electricity before long. “We’re asking to work with BEL on a grant basis or the cost of solar power.  When electricity is installed, we can hire someone for night and weekend security, thus giving us more protection of the antiquities of the site,” stated Ms. Brown.  Visitation has been steady, meaning that the island now has another activity for both tourism and locals alike.

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