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Strengthening Ties with Bulgaria to Benefit Tourism Industry

Foreign Affairs Minister and Attorney General of Belize, Mr. Wilfred Erlington met with the Bulgarian Foreign Minister, Hon. Dr. Solomon Passy where they discussed several topics of interest to benefit both countries, especially strengthening ties to benefit both tourism industries.

During the meeting, the ministers discussed the bilateral cooperation with a strong emphasis on enlarging the tourism sector in both countries. Minister Passy mentioned the possibility of Bulgaria making investments in the Tourism Industry in Belize since Bulgaria is a highly tourist country.

“We discussed some multilateral formats like cooperation with the European Union, with Nato organization for security and cooperation in Europe,” stated Minister Passy in a release. “I was very pleased to invite Minister Erlington to visit Bulgaria and hopefully to bring a delegation of representatives of the Tourist Board there. And to have to say to have a follow up over what we discussed.”

The Ministers discussed the possibilities for Bulgarian investments in renewable energy sources and the chance to increase the diplomatic emphasis on the relations between the two countries. This was the first meeting at a high level between Belize and Bulgaria in almost 20 years of History of Diplomatic Relations between the two countries.

Also present at the meeting were Maxim Minchev, Director General for the Bulgarian News Agency, Kiril Asenov, Business man from Bulgaria, Clinton “Pulu” Lightburn, public figure in Belize and Sjoerd Jan van Noord, Portofino Beach Resort in Belize.

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