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San Pedro to Participate in Cayo Fashion Show Fundraiser

The Cornerstone Foundation will be holding a Fashion Show to Feed the Children that will take place at the Bedran Hall at the San Ignacio Hotel on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Miss San Pedro Lions Shantell Pascacio and Mr. Jade World Jhoshi Alexander Najarro Valencia, along with a couple other island residents have been invited to participate in this event to help feed the children along with other models from around the country of Belize.

Cornerstone Foundation is a local organization founded in the town of San Ignacio, district of Cayo, Belize and it was founded on the humanitarian principals of recognizing the specific needs facing its community. Their concerns are for the community and each individual that it encompasses, regardless of his or her condition. They focus on helping people learn where to find resources and how to improve difficult situations.

They believe that every person has valuable skills, even if they are often unknown to them and try to help people use or enhance those skills, which can then be used to generate income or be beneficial in some other way.

Cornerstone advocates for children and women’s rights, helping children in difficult home environments learn life skills and sustainability. They encourage women in violent situations to seek solutions and empower themselves with skills that enable them to achieve a degree of financial independence. This Non- Profit Organization helps families afraid of the unknown learn how to care for a loved one living with and often dying from HIV/AIDS.

Cornerstone has worked with hundreds of organizations and individuals throughout the world to make a difference. Cornerstone Foundation is a local organization founded in the town of San Ignacio, district of Cayo, Belize. Visit Cornerstone Foundation’s Facebook Page for more information.

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Cornerstone Foundation

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