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Work Starts on San Pedro’s New Cemetery

It is no news for residents of San Pedro to hear that the cemetery located at the end of Barrier Reef Drive on the beach side has surpassed its maximum capacity and cannot accommodate more bodies for burial. But the good news is that the San Pedro Town Council and Hon. Manuel Heredia have allocated land south of Ambergris Caye for a new cemetery.

On Thursday, May 24, 2012, Ambergris Today accompanied Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. as they made a site visit to inspect the five acres of land which was recently acquired by Central Government for a new cemetery.

The plot of land is located south of Ambergris Caye, near the entrance to the dump site. Clearing of the land officially commenced on Friday, May 25, 2012, where members of the media were invited to witness the work in progress.

Councilor Severito Guerrero stated that work is being carried out so as to have a proper plan on how burials will take place at the new cemetery. He mentioned that, like all cities around the world, there will be a cost for burials and one will have the choice to carry out burials underground, in tombs and even a special place to deposit cremated ashes.

According to the Mayor and councillors, there is lots of work that still has to be done and the support of the business community will also be needed to put up proper fencing for the new cemetery. Mayor Guerrero stated that the current cemetery will soon be closed and will no longer be available for burials.

San Pedro New Cenetery

The new cemetery is located about 2.5 miles south of San Pedro Town

Work Starts on San Pedro’s New CemeteryWork Starts on San Pedro’s New CemeteryWork Starts on San Pedro’s New CemeteryWork Starts on San Pedro’s New CemeteryWork Starts on San Pedro’s New CemeterySan Pedro New Cenetery

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