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Early Rainy Season Drenches San Pedro

Living in paradise has its ups and downs. For instance we enjoy beautiful hot sunny days on the beachside and the cool Caribbean breeze and then comes the rainy season where we get blessings from up above with, sometimes, too much rain. It’s nothing new for island residents to have to ride down bumpy roads or walk through streets almost slithering like a snake to avoid pot holes and the mud. But to many it is a real inconvenience.

For about two weeks now we have been getting a lot of rain and the onset of an early rainy season has put a toll in some of the streets on the island. We have even experienced some storms with winds up to tropical storm conditions; it has been a rough couple of weeks. Ambergris Today took a ride around the island to see how bad the street conditions were and was quite surprised to see that they aren’t as bad as other times. Now we are not saying that the roads are beautiful and don’t have pot holes or mud but let’s be realistic we live on an island and when it rains the sand will turn into mud!

Visiting the San Pedrito Area on the west side of the island, which happens to get flooded very quickly, we were rather surprised to find the streets in a manageable and passable conditions compared to other rainy seasons. This can be attributed to the fact that a few weeks back the San Pedro Town Council cleaned up and worked on the streets in the area just in time for the rainy season.

About a week ago the streets of the San Pablo Area and Escalante Subdivision were graded so as to remove all the pot holes and this helped the streets not turning into mush.

An area of concern is Manta Ray Street, this street is the one which begins by the Belize Water Services Ltd. office and leads to the Dr. Otto Poly Clinic. This street had huge puddles that are very deep and are as wide as the streets. Being the road where our medical facility is located, it should be of major priority to get this road fixed and accessible in case of emergencies.

All we can do is wait for the rains to stop so that the officials at the San Pedro Town Council can start to work on the streets, but according to the weather forecast we should expect more rain up to the weekend. So in the meantime grab those rain coats, umbrellas, rubber boots and drive safely!

Early Rainy Season Drenches San PedroEarly Rainy Season Drenches San PedroEarly Rainy Season Drenches San PedroEarly Rainy Season Drenches San PedroEarly Rainy Season Drenches San PedroEarly Rainy Season Drenches San Pedro

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