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Belizean US Air Force Captain in Body Building Spotlight

She grew up running along the sandy streets of San Pedro, spending her childhood summers in the water and growing up in an island that she called home for many years. Given the opportunity to study abroad she joined the US Air Force, has a great career as a satellite technical expertise and now boasts the title of the International Federation of Body Builders’ Bikini Pro.

Sanpedrana Katherine Portillo is winning body building competitions in the United States. She is currently residing in Santa Maria, California; she holds title as captain in the US Air Force but also has major interest in bodybuilding and is working very hard in the arena of health and fitness.

On June 16, 2012, Katherine earned “IFBB Pro” status and is officially an IFBB Bikini Pro. This means that the International Federation of Body Builders has awarded her a Bikini Pro status for her hard work and dedication which she showed off at the Junior Nationals Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships 2012 that was held in Chicago. She placed first in the Bikini C Class competition.

Katherine Portillo achieves IFBB Bikini Pro Status

Katherine and fellow bodybuilders obtain IFBB Bikini Pro Status

Katherine has been competing in the bikini category of bodybuilding competitions with the main goal to obtain this Bikini Pro status. A bodybuilder looking to do this must first win a regional contest weight/height class, one which Katherine won at the California State Bodybuilding Championships in May 2011.  After placing in the regional show, she then moved up to national championships where she had to compete with other amateurs from all over the U.S. After participating in four of these national competitions, she won in her category and was offered a Bikini Pro Card status by the IFBB.

“It was a sweet victory since my mom was there to watch,” Katherine told Ambergris Today. “Next, I’ll be competing with other bikini pros in Los Angeles, 21 July.”

“For me, fitness is being in shape physically, mentally and spiritually,” continued Katherine. “You have to have all three to enjoy like to the max.” She admits that when she was younger her friends told her that she had a big ‘bottom’ which made her feel fat. She started to run and lift weights to feel better and it became a form of therapy for her. The rest is history and she is on her way to an excellent career in body building.

Currently Katherine is in the middle of transferring to Los Angeles Air Force Station in El Segundo, California where she says she will be working at the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), applying her communications satellite technical expertise. SMC is the center of technical excellence for researching, developing and purchasing military space systems. She currently obtains a Captain status and is up for promotion to Major next year and recently earned Company Grade Officer of the Quarter for all her hard work.

Katherine Portillo achieves IFBB Bikini Pro Status

Katherine Portillo is Captain in the United States Air Force

“God gives us dreams to build our faith”…. if u can BELIEVE that u can achieve something, then u can!” says Katherine. She hopes to inspire the youth of San Pedro and anyone who has goals to achieve. She invites anyone to contact her through her Facebook Profile Page if they have any questions or seek any advice; she is more than happy to extend a helping hand.

Katherine Portillo is a home-grown Sanpedrana/Belizean who has proven to be successful in more ways than one. She is a proud graduate of San Pedro High School and has been featured in the Belikin Calendar a few times with a probable appearance on next year’s calendar as well. Ambergris Today congratulates Kathy for making all of us very proud and wish her the best in her future endeavors; she truly is Un Orgullo Sanpedrano/A Proud Sanpedrana!

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Katherine Portillo achieves IFBB Bikini Pro StatusKatherine Portillo achieves IFBB Bikini Pro StatusKatherine Portillo achieves IFBB Bikini Pro StatusKatherine Portillo achieves IFBB Bikini Pro StatusKatherine Portillo achieves IFBB Bikini Pro StatusKatherine Portillo achieves IFBB Bikini Pro StatusKatherine Portillo achieves IFBB Bikini Pro StatusKatherine Portillo achieves IFBB Bikini Pro Status

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