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St. Peter’s College Closed Down!

St. Peter’s College has been closed by the Ministry of Education after having being in operation for the past 15 years.  St. Peter’s College was forced to close down its doors on Thursday, July 19, 2012, for failing to comply with the standard rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education as it pertains to the operations of a High School.

Mr. Jahmor Lopez, Manager of the Belize District Education Center along with Education Officer Mrs. Miriam Codd, were on Reef Radio’s Morning Show and explained the reason for the closure of the school as well as the immediate plan of action that the Ministry of Education has taken to allocate the students for this coming school year.

According to Mr. Lopez the school had been under investigation and lead to the discovery that there were several irregularities and discrepancies into the running of the High School which were seriously taken into consideration for the closure of the school. Mr. Lopez stated that college was a specially assisted school and that even the ownership of property where the school operates is in question.

Mr. Lopez stated that the Ministry of Education is working along with San Pedro High to accommodate the high school students under an Adult Education Project which will take place at the High School. He advised that students that were attending St. Peter’s College that wish to continue furthering their education to make inquiries at the San Pedro High School for assistance for this coming school year.

As for the elementary school which had also been operating, Mr. Frank Nuñez, was given a license to operate for a year. According to Mr. Lopez, St. Peter’s had never applied or had been granted a license to operate a primary school and while they have been operating illegally the ministry had no option but to grant Mr. Nuñez with a year permit for the primary school.

The children that are currently enrolled at St. Peter’s Elementary School cannot be placed at any other school since all primary schools on the island are filled to capacity. A temporary solution had to be put in place and the elementary school will be allowed to operate for this school year only but parents are being adviced to start looking for a new school for their children.

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