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Public Comments Regarding Marijuana Decriminalization Extended

The Committee commissioned by the Minister of National Security to evaluate the issue of Decriminalization of Marijuana thanks those who submitted their opinions regarding a proposal to remove the current criminal penalties incurred for possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) for personal use. Your responses have been respectfully evaluated and taken into consideration, including, many requests to extend the deadline. In this regards the committee has extended the period for submitting your comments to August 31, 2012.

For the purpose of this discussion we invite your continued input and ask that you respond to us with your thoughts on the following:

1. Should an amount of Marijuana be decriminalized? If yes how much? (One gram of marijuana is equivalent to one standard size unfiltered cigarette)

2. What penalties, in monetary fines and/or community service, should be levied upon first time offenders? Should these penalties remain the same for multiple offenses?

3. Should mandatory drug education be required?

4. Should the penalties for youths and adults be treated differently and if so, how and what age would you use to distinguish between the two?

5. Do you believe that “decriminalization” of marijuana will increase, remain the same, or decrease the usage of marijuana both for adults and youths? Please submit data and references to support your position.

6. Do you believe “decriminalization” will encourage minors to smoke marijuana? Why? Please submit data or references to support your position?

7. Do you believe that marijuana is more or less harmful than alcohol and tobacco? Why?

8. Do you believe that marijuana is the “gateway drug”? Why? What evidence do you have to support either position?

9. What is your opinion on using for medicinal home remedies?

What other constraints, concerns or suggestions do you have with this proposal?
Please email your comments to

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