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Young Girl Escapes Being Crushed by Out of Control Taxi

A young teenager and a hot dog vendor are lucky to be alive or having avoided serious injury after a taxi driver slammed his car into the wall of a supermarket and nearly crashing into them early Wednesday evening, August 15, 2012 at around 8:20p.m.

The taxi slammed full speed into the corner wall of Richie’s Supermarket, located at the round-about on Pescador Drive and with much luck on their side, a young teenager and a lady who operate a hot dog stand in front of the supermarket, narrowly escaped the full impact that occurred just a couple feet from them.

According to the teenager girl, the taxi driver started to reverse from across the street in front of San Pedro Hardware and suddenly increased its velocity and headed almost straight for them. The impact was so hard that it totally dented the rear of the vehicle and destroyed two plastic chairs next to the hot dog stand. Luckily no one was seated on them; the girl reported her two laptops damaged, which were set on one of the chairs.

Bystanders rushed to the aid of the taxi man who seemed to have hit his head and was suffering from a concussion; he was dazed and immediately rushed to the clinic. Apparently the taxi man lost control of his vehicle after the accelerator got stuck and he could not prevent it from slamming into the building; this is according to others on the scene who were able to communicate with the taxi man before he was taken for a medical checkup.

Police and traffic wardens rushed to the scene and are continuing their investigation into the accident.

Taxi Slams into Supermarket Wall

Attendants of this hotdog stand escape being crushed by taxi that slammed into the building

Taxi Slams into Supermarket Wall

Taxi drivers slams at full velocity into Richie’s Supermarket on Pescador Drive

Taxi Slams into Supermarket Wall

The impact totaly damaged the rear of the vehicle

Taxi Slams into Supermarket WallTaxi Slams into Supermarket WallTaxi Slams into Supermarket Wall

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