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New Cattery Donated to Saga Humane Society

The Saga Humane Society is happy to announce that it has completed the construction of a new cattery that was donated to them by a supporter of the Society and a good businessman of the community. Saga invited Ambergris Today to be present as Mark officially handed it over to them on Wednesday, August 29, 2012.

Mark Maggiotto was very generous in donating to Saga the materials and construction of this new cattery which temporarily houses cats when they are kept at the Saga compound. Mark was in the process of putting his pet cats for adoption with the help of Saga and decided to make this great donation to assist them.

The Society has proper housing for dog at their Fort Dog, kennel compound, but since today there were only small cages where cats were kept. Mark thought that the cattery would be a much comfortable and spacious for the felines as they wait for adoption.

Saga, their volunteers and the cats are very grateful to Mark for his heart-warming donation.

“Thanks Mark!”

Cattery Donated to Saga Humane Society

New cattery constructed downstairs of the Saga Humane Society building

Cattery Donated to Saga Humane Society

Saga’s new cattery will properly and more comfortably hold cats while they await adoption

Cattery Donated to Saga Humane Society

The cats were previously held in smaller cages inside Saga’s building

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