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Belizean Accused of Kidnapping after Guatemalan Arrest

His name might seem very familiar, because he has had quite a bad reputation of being in and out of trouble with the law in Belize and now 37-year-old Joseph Budna finds himself in custody of the Guatemalan authorities.

News outlets in Guatemala report that Budna is in serious trouble after being arrested and accused of being the ringleader of a gang of kidnappers operating in Belize Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. The National Civil Police (PNC) captured Budna in San Benito, Petén after a gun face off after which he found himself in the hospital.

Preliminary investigation of the NCP states that the criminal group, allegedly led by Budna, was responsible for the kidnapping of three people, victims who had been brought to Honduras.

In Belize, Budna has passed himself as a journalist, has been kidnapped, robbed, arrested for drug trafficking and has even attempted suicide while in jail. He migrated to Guatemala where in  May of this year, he told police about an extortion attempt which resulted in a shootout in Quetzaltenango City resulting in police killing one man and arresting another.

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