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Junior Sailors Prepare for Big Regatta in Corozal Bay

On Saturday, October 6, and Sunday, October 7, 2012, the San Pedro Junior Sailing Team underwent rigorous final preparation for this Sunday’s Corozal Bay Regatta. They studied and practiced crucial starting-line technique on Saturday and raced on Sunday.  Two groups raced 2 one-lap races each. The top finishers then competed in the 2-race final.  Stephanie Keating sailing Ambergris Lake Villas whose scores had tied for first in her two preliminary heats, went on to win the day by taking 1st and 2nd in the final races. The next best combined score gave Kevin Velasquez in Caribbean Villas and Jorge Oliveres in Palo Alto a 2nd place tie. The scores of Jerdon Anderson, sailing Catamaran Bar gave him 4rd place.     

Next, a set of two races gave practice to skippers who had arrived late.  Davin Puc in Caribbean Villas took two 1st places for the convincing win.  Mitchell Sersland in Playa Blanca and Stephanie Keating in Ambergris Lake Villas tied for 2nd followed closely by Faith Noel’s 4th place finish in San Pedro

The officers of the San Pedro Sailing Club have worked it out so that transportation, lodging, and meals, for the 15 young skippers can be purchased for a total individual cost of BZD $50.00.  That is difficult for some of them to come up with.  Anyone willing to sponsor one or more of our junior sailors, please contact me, Forrest Jones, at 610-4550.

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