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Cancer Struggle of Belize's First Lady Featured in American Way Magazine

Belize City, October 4th 2012-The first lady of our nation, Kim Simplis Barrow, is once again featured in the October  issue of American way, American Airlines’ popular inflight magazine. The piece chronicles Barrow’s battle with stage three breast cancer, in an article dubbed, “The Fighter”. Click here to learn more about this article.   

Across the world, October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as a tribute to millions who have fought the disease, the magazine highlights Mrs. Barrow’s resiliency. Editor of the magazine, Adam Pitluk, writes, “Kim Simplis Barrow is our friend.” Undoubtedly, it is a description that every Belizean can attest to. Whilst she has been a champion for the Belizean people, Kim’s truest test came when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

First Lady of Belize’s Cancer struggle featured in American Way Magazine

The First Lady of Belize Kim Simplis in January (Far Left) and August 2012 – Photos By Lebawit Lily Girma & Jeremy Spooner

On an arduous journey of stage three of the illness, Kim had to endure chemo radiation which led to heart complications. Speaking of her struggles, Kim said, “I felt an overwhelming sadness. I saw my life and all my plans coming to a halt.” But as Pitluk articulated, Mrs. Barrow’s life and plans never stopped, for she has continued tirelessly in her role as Special Envoy for Women and Children with a renewed sense of purpose and hope. The story, albeit touching, speaks of Kim’s inner strength and positive outlook on life. In short, Pitluk highlighted Kim’s work, accomplishments and ultimately, her trademark- a winning personality with a fighter’s spirit. Kim’s advice to women fighting the disease, “Do not be daunted by the clouds that share the sun–filled sky of your recuperation.  They will move and shift as time goes on”.

American Airlines flies more people across the world than any other airline. American Way is the inflight magazine available on all AA flights. This multi-award winning magazine introduces travellers to many aspects of the American living including lifestyle, entertainment, travel, business, technology. A staple of the publication is its celebrity profile feature, which in this issue, tells the story of breast-cancer survivor, Christina Applegate.

Kim was also featured in the June 15th, 2009 issue of the magazine.

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